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If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place
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16-Mar-2020, 10:37 AM

^ None of what I say is anything you don’t already know yourself, but hopefully it may be of some use (even if it just serves as a reminder to ignore anything in this post 😉)

Meeting new people can be tough mate - and is going to be even tougher with the Corona virus around curtailing people’s everyday lives for a while to come…

Usually, college parties are good places to meet people, sports events, the same type of clubs as extra-curricular clubs from school (theatre, tech, chess/games groups, community programs, debate class etc) - or just at the local library or community centre).

Even the cafe, or local hangout for people around your own age too.

If you have a love for animals the local shelters, vets, or even pet shops are a good way to meet people - get involved in groups where there’s something you may have a shared fondness or outlook on something. Volunteering to help out in your local community is a decent way of meeting new people too - with many other benefits.

Fitness and exercise classes, self-defence, walking and running groups are pretty good too - again, with other added-in benefits as well.

Study/film-wise… if you feel like the days are slipping by and you’re not achieving much then broaden your horizons a little - learn about skills and crafts around your own specific field of interest - about people and the crafts that you may be working around in the future. Shared interests, a working knowledge of it, taking an interest in something outside of your direct field… may all help in the long run.

If you feel like you’re spending too much time in from a computer then shake it up a little mate - get hold a book and read it - properly, take it all in; whether it is about the subject of film-making - or about people in and around it and their lives. The computer or tablet, or phone goes on silent (or turned off) for a couple of hours a day when doing it.

Approach things from a different angle - whether it is silly or seemingly counter-productive. Have fun with it - learn from it - and any mistakes along the way. Remember the mistakes man - they’ll make for good stories to share and bond over with others later - or just raise a smile.

Also, when safe to do so, get yourself out in the open and go a walk (yeah, I now - boring!) To the park, the rec, the local hangout, the woods, just out and about. Get the fresh air, take the time to look around you, see what is going on - and who is about. 30 minutes to an hour every day - mix it up at different times for different days, vary your route etc.