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Happy Birthday, - now 17 years old (as of 10th March, 2020)
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14-Mar-2020, 7:56 PM
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15-Mar-2020, 4:42 PM
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Hal 9000 said:

Wowee, 17 years…

We’ve certainly come a long way. Anyone else remember passing around LaserDisc rips on physical DVDs through the mail?

Oh, yes! The PIF on here was strong…

So many paper cuts from the jiffy bags, and lots of badly burnt ‘coasters’ (unless you could afford the verbatim or ritek discs?), though postage was cheap even to send packages to the four corners of the world, and post offices even existed - though there were many questions from them about just what was in in these jiffy bags being sent all over the world!

Many people didn’t even had dvd drives on their computers - let alone broadband, or even hard drives with enough space on them to hold a 4gb dvd file or three. Even the likes of rapidshare giving us enough storage space was a few years off. It was probably quicker to send a package halfway across the world in the post than it was to acquire a dvd-sized file on kazaa or Suprnova (40kb/s was a decent speed) apparently…

Good to see a few familiar faces from the days of PIF in this thread too 😉