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'Star Wars: The High Republic' era publishing project (aka 'Project Luminous')
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14-Mar-2020, 11:20 AM

DerekJR321 said:

Disney “cannon” is… just… not cannon to me. I’ve read so many Star Wars books, seen all the movies several times (still believe Hal9000’s versions are the best).

I never liked that Disney stepped in and said “oh by the way, all those books (100+), comics and games are no longer cannon because we said so”.

I will keep an eye out to see what they actually do with this. I just hope they have SOME respect for all the CANNON that is already out there, and don’t try and rewrite it all.

It is nothing new - Lucasfilm did the pretty much the same for the Holiday Special, both the animated Droids and Ewoks series, the two mid-80’s Ewok films, and 2003’s The Cone Wars animated series too… well before Disney came along.

Thankfully, this site exists with some very determined and kind people out there finding and preserving content that Lucasfilm do not want us to be able to watch anymore 😃


Back on the subject of The High Republic era, the informative ‘Star Wars Explained’ youtube channel has knocked up a few insightful videos on the subject, with this one catching the eye as mentioning any references already made to it:-

The High Republic - All References to the Era So Far’:-

They have a playlist of videos on the subject of The High Republic era (10 videos so far):-