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RELEASED: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version)"
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11-Mar-2020, 6:45 PM

Ok so I have gotten a little carried away and am really getting crazy into this silly little project. I never was able to clean up the video on this release so I decided to start over. I bought a new unsealed TMP Director’s Cut DVD on ebay and have ripped it, the extra scenes for SLV on disc 2, and have also ripped the bluray of the theatrical version as well.

So far I have ripped the BR of the theatrical version and downsized it to the same dimensions as the DC DVD release. The theatrical release looks amazing even after having downsized it from 1080p down to 720x360(848x360 display).

I also noticed that both the footage in the DC release and the extra footage on the special features disc has not been digitally cleaned in any way. Sure, the footage was taken from prints that were in excellent condition but there are still plenty of dirt spots and the occasional very light scratch(the scene where Sulu stares at Ilia and stumbles all over himself was the dirtiest of the lot).

So I have taken the clips from the DC that I’m going to end up needing and have run all of them through Film9 (a gui frontend for avisynth that pipelines through virtualdub2) to clean the dirt and scratches. I must say, having never used Film9 before I am VERY impressed with it. It took a little practice to learn how to use it correctly but after some experimentation I have manage to remove 99% of all the dirt and scratches from the scenes I need without having introduced any weird artifacts (you really have to be careful where you use the ‘remove scratches’ filter because it will try to erase seams on walls and doors). I am tickled to death with the end results!

I have also taken that completed “missing matte” scene from V.W.V.'s youtube video and with some initial difficulty managed to convert it back to 23.976fps progressive to match all of the other footage. It was embedded in a 30p stream and it took converting it up to 60p in handbrake and finally from 60p back down to 23.976 to preserve the motion without introducing additional judder (trying to go straight from 30p to 23.976 was a disaster and destroyed the motion with horrible judder). After that I resized it to match the DC dimensions as well. I’m going to end up trying to sharpen it a little bit (it’s a touch soft in comparison to all of the other clips) but I think it’ll turn out ok since it’s only a little over 10 seconds that I need from it.

Anyway…so far I have just about finished all the ripping, transcoding, and cleaning that needs to be done, so I’ll have everything I need to get started. I do have one more thing to do and that’s to make sure I make a small adjustment to the contrast and color balance so these clips from the DC match the downsized footage from theatrical BR release. They aren’t far off but it does look like the BR release of the theatrical version has a slightly higher contrast and the colors are a little bit “cooler”.

It’ll end up being a lot easier for me than I’m sure it was for Mr. Fanfiltration since I have his release to use as a guide. The soundtrack is right there and all I’ll have to do is just carefully drop the clean footage right on top, scene by scene and then render it when it’s done. Wish me luck folks!