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Help: looking for... Prometheus fan edits
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11-Mar-2020, 5:54 PM

oojason said:

Hi b5historyman,

There are two Prometheus fan edits listed in the An Index & Help Thread for Fan Edits and Projects for Other Properties… which may be of interest.

FanEdit’s came up with four Prometheus fan edits on there.

Alternatively, FanEdit•info has three Prometheus fan edits listed.

And a quick online search for ‘Prometheus fan edits’ seems to indicate there are a fair few more out there and available too 👍

The An Info & Help Thread for the ‘Fan Edits and Projects for Other Properties’ section… (Searches, FAQs, ‘Where can I find x?’, ‘Is there an Edit of film x?’, Myspleen, and more…) may also be of some help for searching for projects and edits etc, as well as the ‘How do I do this?’ on the thread too.

Good luck with it mate 😃

Don’t you think I hadn’t already checked? Since there’s been a lack of responses from some of the fan editors on their Prometheus projects, here and on fanedit I was taking a punt that other forum members might have links to the different edits and be willing to share links by pm.

Guess I was hoping too much. Ah well.