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The Sequels - George's Original Trilogy
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11-Mar-2020, 12:10 PM

OutboundFlight said:

This is a very good base plan. At this point, I don’t think there is much more we can do without creating our own story out of things we would like to see.

Right. Episode VII is pretty mapped out. Most quotes about the Sequel Trilogy are about Episode VII. We know how we meet Han, we know how we find Luke. Leia is a Senator and a member of a political party known as the Populists. Han and Leia are separate, but they come back together over the course of the film. Han does NOT die, at least not in Episode VII. Never a mention of Lando.

OutboundFlight said:

In that vein, I will make a few suggestions. Trying to keep in the Lucas Lore but all my ideas are really fanfiction at this point.

– Darth Talon would make for an interesting antagonist, but I don’t think she should live past Episode 8. Perhaps Jedi Killer kills her in an act similar to Snoke’s death in TLJ. If the Dark Whill / Plaguies remains the big bad it won’t be as crazy as the DT… it would be more Jedi Killer promoting himself to directly serving the Dark Whill.

There’s actually concept art of her seducing the Jedi Killer and then leaving him murdered. I think it would make for a interesting twist in Episode IX. My idea is this: in order to destroy the Evil Whill, Luke must become one with the Force and confront him, but of course Luke must die in order to do this. So he surrenders to the Jedi Killer, leading to his death. Once Luke is dead, Talon then murders the Jedi Killer, revealing that she was using him the entire time. Then Anakin and Luke face off against Plagueis, while Leia and Kira fight Talon; both a Physical Battle and a Meta-Physical battle.

OutboundFlight said:

– If we go the Sam Solo route, I’d prefer to make it so that Sam thinks he doesn’t have the force because he doesn’t have a natural affinity to it like Kira. But perhaps in the 9th episode, he realizes he had it all along, he just needed to believe he had it in the first place.

You’re right. Based on Midi-Chlorian biology, it wouldn’t make sense for Sam to have 0 Force powers. We can make it so either he’s not interested in the Force, of that by the time he was ready to learn, Luke had already been betrayed by the Jedi Killer.

OutboundFlight said:

– Jedi Killer could work as Luke’s very first apprentice, sorta like Kyp Durron in the EU. Luke sees on him as living proof of his early failures, from before his academy was properly established.

I don’t think it would really matter. I imagine Episode VII opens up with the attack on Luke’s temple. I think we could throw in a line like “he was Luke’s brightest student”, but that would be all. Luke was naïve and didn’t believe he would turn to the Dark Side because of the prophecy Anakin fulfilled; he lowered his guard.

OutboundFlight said:

– Why not make Kira’s mother a mystery? Luke never tells her who her mother is, and she spends a while wondering who it might be. It could another Jedi (inspired by Mara Jade) in hiding that returns by Episode 9.

I agree it would make the story much more interesting. She’s described as a loner, so maybe that was the case. I don’t know if making her the daughter of another Jedi would work. Luke was supposed to be the last, and he was described as the last in George’s outlines. If she is a loner/orphan, then she would have to be Luke’s child. But that raises many questions; Why was she hidden? How come Luke doesn’t know? I can understand if she was hidden because of Luke’s betrayal, then that would mean she was a baby, so almost 2 decades have gone by of Luke in hiding? I don’t know if that’s a right move to make.