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In the forward hangar, the former captain, Lieutenant Connix, and Ben are engaged in conversation. The former captain asks Ben if he’s sure he doesn’t want to take the captain’s Yacht. Ben says that he’d rather take his chances with the ship that blew up two Death Stars. The former captain is sure that this can’t be right, but Connix says that it is somewhat true. Besides, Ben says, they need the fastest ship in the fleet if they are to quickly recruit the Knights of Ren. The new Red Squadron leader shouts from across the deck that he will be missed.

Rey and Finn stand under the Falcon. Rey tells Finn that there’s something he needs to know, but Finn says that he was wrong to pry before. He tells her that she’s the most capable, talented, and powerful woman he has ever met and she doesn’t need to tell him, he trusts her no matter what. Ben wanders over, a crate slung over his shoulder. Finn pulls Rey closer and says that if Ben tries anything she has Finn’s permission to beat the hell out of him for the fourth time. Chewie brushes past on the ramp carrying three crates, knocking the crate off Ben’s shoulder and roaring at him to hurry up. Ben scoops it back up and follows Chewie. Threepio and R2 arrive, Threepio trying to dissuade his mechanic friend from his decision. R2 beeps resolutely. Threepio maintains that he will remain on the destroyer, as this mission seems too dangerous for the preeminent authority on the Jedi Texts. He must have thought for his safety after all. R2 says something unmentionable and rolls up the ramp along with Rey. ‘May the Force be with you.’ Finn says, from the depths of his being. Rey smiles, but looks like she’s about to cry.

In the cockpit, Chewie is already in the copilot’s seat starting engines. Ben takes the pilot’s seat. Chewie stares. Rey comes up and asks him what he thinks he’s doing, Ben replies that he knows more about the ship than anyone other than Chewie. Rey begs to differ, and Chewie roars in agreement. Ben acquiesces and moves behind Rey.

On the bridge of the destroyer, Poe and Finn stand together watching as the Falcon disappears into the clouds. Poe voices his unease at the situation, wondering what issue Rey was working through. Finn exudes calm confidence in her. A meaningful look passes between them. Finn shouts to Rose to pull up simulation 421. The crew groans as the lights dim to battle-ready status.

Breaking out of the nebula, the Falcon’s crew is greeted by the vast sea of stars. The stars turn to starlines.