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JAWS 2 - Extended Edition - Video Sources Needed
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8-Mar-2020, 9:51 AM

RidgeShark said:

Slavicuss, that sounds like a great effort even with pic quality not being good. Its a shame Universal still sticks with old laserdisc masters for the bulk of their extras. I mean, I get it from a financial perspective, but as a fan of course I would love to have new HD/2k/4k transfers of this alternate material.

Are there any other deleted scenes from JAWS 1 not available in widescreen and exclusive to the tv version other than Quint’s tackle box?


No. The “tackle box” shots are it. If this footage was ever released, It would be nice to see it in widescreen and unbroken, as ONE continuous shot - not split in two - as edited for the TV cut.

I believe there’s more JAWS footage in the film vaults, that for whatever reason, isn’t being released. Curious how the same collection of deleted scenes/outtakes have been reissued over and over again, since 1995. I suspect the film is so popular, UNIVERSAL can get away with reusing the same material.

I would love to see the deleted scenes in 2K/4K and completely colour corrected. NEVER going to happen though. A pity, it would save us a lot of work!