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The Sequels - George's Original Trilogy
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7-Mar-2020, 8:33 PM

yotsuya said:

For instance, you cannot have a good force user who solely uses the dark side. They are not balanced and are going to succumb to the temptations. But you can have a good force user who can tap into the dark side as needed to make use of that power in the service of good.

I disagree. You can’t tap into it at all. Because you’ll realize how powerful the Dark Side is. It’s seductive in it’s ways. George says it leads to greater pleasure than joy. The difference between the two being that pleasure is more short termed. If you tap into it, you will eventually fall under it’s spell.

Remember that what Luke did in Episode VI was by accident. He didn’t mean to use his rage to overpower Vader, but once he realized he had, he stopped fighting. But we will bring this up in the Sequel Trilogy. Luke will probably contemplate why he didn’t use rage to protect his students against the Jedi Killer. He will war with himself. Because you are right, you can get things done through the Dark Side, but you shouldn’t. Luke had a taste of it before, so he’ll want it again.

yotsuya said:

So I don’t see the Jedi we have seen as balanced. We may see something different a few hundred years earlier, but I think the problems with the Jedi go back to the split with the Sith (provided that piece of the EU stays accurate). It would be a natural turn of events for the Jedi to start teaching complete avoidance of anything pertaining to the dark side.

I agree, and I see where you’re coming from. I wish we could find a way to work this into the trilogy, but I don’t see how we could. It goes too far back, far beyond what the audience has seen.

yotsuya said:

So I think the pure force is far more neutral and balanced that what we see in the Jedi. The Bendu is the best example of a being that is balanced in the force. I see the father/daughter/son trio as representing the force, the Jedi, and the Sith with the father again being a being balanced in the force. I see those three as part of Lucas’s Whills concept. The balanced, the light, and the dark. I personally would watch those episodes and use them as inspiration. Lucas had many ideas that never saw the screen and they might be Filoni’s interpretation of something Lucas shared with him. I don’t think he would have gone there without consulting George about it. So I think George’s ideas are in those characters. I wouldn’t say they are Whills, but they are related to them in some way. The Bendu might be as well. The whills should be something higher like those beings. They should be less affected by human sensibilities. They should reflect balance and nature rather than human passions.

I looove that you mention Bendu. You know your lore well. I have toyed with the idea that Luke will renounce Jedi Knighthood to create a new order; Jedi-Bendu.

Thank you for the ideas for the Whills. Very constructive, and I’ve definitely watched the Mortis episodes for inspiration!