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The Sequels - George's Original Trilogy
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7-Mar-2020, 1:08 PM

act on instinct said:

Seeing as the Sith are also ancient and the force can be wielded by them albeit through the dark side to me points a bit closer to the direction that the Force/Whills are a vaguely neutral energy that can be taken advantage of, unless they are playing a larger game. The Force does seem to allow bad things to happen then watch and see how it plays out so I don’t see a problem really with a person who does have free will abusing the force without the whills intervening so personally, ultimately I might wonder if those beings could even conceptualize morals in that way or at that scale. The whills should have some intention but the risk of demystifying and damaging the relationship of the force to the audience is at an extreme high, I definitely understand why going microbiotic to begin with is already too much for some though I find it vindicates their inclusion in the prequels. Embrace the Midi-Chlorian…

Very interesting. So maybe the Whills don’t recognize the Dark or Light side views. This actually would fit with what George said the sequels were about long ago; learning that good and evil are similar and more vague than we thought. Maybe the Whills become tired of the Jedi and Sith taking advantage of them and are rebelling.

And I understand your valid trepidation on demystifying the Force. Just remember that we’re going to make it clear, these beings feed off and control the Force. You could say they are the Force, but they still aren’t, they just control it. And it’s okay that we get close to answering these epic questions, because this is the ending of the Saga. We’re wrapping things up for good, leaving no questions unanswered for future sequels.

act on instinct said:

This is actually a pretty hard one because the further we try to fill the gaps the more difficult questions concerning how the lore can be faithfully expanded need to be given an answer. I think harnessing a Jedi’s power after killing them also is a weak idea as well as derivations of that premise like collecting kyber crystals or anything along those lines would be too on the nose. Still, I think the closer we get to revealing beyond the veil and the inherent relationship between life and death to the spiritual realm there leaves room for interpretation as to where that energy goes and how it can be measured or perceived. As you mentioned with Luke his own misinterpretation could lead to his disillusionment, so even if the Jedi killer is failing to achieve this ultimate power through their violent means the motivation can stay the same, same as it ever was for dark siders really, misguided power seeking even if it means going through people.

The Lore won’t be expanded beyond Episode IX. The saga will be over, for good. It will be made abundantly clear.

You are right about bringing those questions up. The spirits we see are manifestations of preserved consciousness in the Force. We at least know we would encounter the spirit of Anakin, who represents the balance of the dark side and the light.

I talked with a philosopher recently about my ideas for Luke’s disillusionment, and he helped me see the flaw in my idea, so I decided to change it. I think it would be best if we stick with what the original idea for Luke’s disillusionment was: his faith shaken by the betrayal from the Jedi killer.