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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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7-Mar-2020, 1:03 PM

StarkillerAG said:

marduk666 said:

If you want a twist for the movie, how about Rey buries the lightsabers and then looks at the camera and her eyes are sithy and you hear a palpatine laugh like from the trailer. Palpatine wins, end of saga.

So basically the ending of Thriller?


So I am trying to wrap my tiny brain around this whole palpatine clone debacle…
I think the answer may be that there are no clones. Try and follow this logic

  1. The Rise of Skywalker Emperor (henceforth referd to as Alpha) is very very old. And is not a Palpatine. Alpha can use his force power to control others strong with the force; I will refer to them as puppets. He can also Completely transfer his essence if he can only find a truly worthy force wielder (henceforth feferd to as a vessel); someone capable of wielding his awesome force powers.
  2. Sheev Palpatine A Puppet of Alpha. Sheev instantly knew Anakin was special and a prime candidate for a worthy vessel. He tried to groom him Until… Ben Kenobi damaged him, making him unworthy. So Palpatine keeps Vader around to help find the next vessel. Which turns out to be the son of Anakin, Luke Skywalker. Palpatine wants Luke now to take vaders place. Hoping to train him and make him strong enough to be the new Vessel.
  3. The Next Puppet the Empeor takes control of is Snoke. An old broken Puppet but strong enough to continue the search for a new Vessel. The Grandson of Anakin Ben Solo. Snoke begins to corrupt Ben to the dark side. Snoke is trying to train and make the now known as Kylo Ren A strong enough vessel for Alpha. He is promising but has an inner struggle between the dark and the light hindering his full potential. That is when Rey enters the picture an incredible Mary Sue from out of nowhere with clearly more potential than Kylo Ren. And becomes Alphas prime target for a new Vessel.
  4. Alphas true form is Quite literaly falling apart and the search for a Vesssel is starting to become more desperate and instead of using the energy to claim a new puppet He hatches a plan to bring Rey and Kylo to him. If he cannot take Rey as a new vessel she can die and he can take Kylo as a Puppet and continue the search.

It almost gives these characters proper motivation. Reys motivation is just trying to find where she came from. Which she never gets. (My best idea is that Rey is a clone of Shmi, thats why when she asks to see her parents in the cave it is just an image of herself) But in the end she is a worthy vessel and Alpha take her form. AlphaRey starts an acadamy is put in charge of the Council and a Leader of the Republic. Alpha is right back on top with a Rockin Hard new body and Respect and Prestige and no one is the wiser. No Luke, or Leia or Kylo to find out… BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA