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Alien (1979): Ripley Does Dallas Edition (Extended) (Released)
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6-Mar-2020, 4:01 AM
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BandobrasTuk said:

A few remarks from me.

  1. We don’t need to know about everything we don’t see.
    It’s pretty irrelevant why the cage is there.
    On the contrary when something remains in the dark, there is room for mystery and speculation.
    Hitchcock was a master in this discipline, or do you want to know why the birds became aggressive and why they suddenly calmed down again? 😉
  2. I do not believe that the alien is only keen on humans and has spared the cat, but that the cat could escape (see point 1 speculations).
  3. If you integrate the Dallas death scene, there are continuity flaws to Cameron’s “Aliens”!
    As a reminder: When the camera shots show the cocoons, Ripley tells Lieutenant Gorman that she’s never seen anything like this before!
  4. I don’t know if you have the technical skills, but it would be nice if someone could finally remove Ripley’s nosebleed before the fight with Ash! Because the nosebleed results from a previously shoted scene that was never used and fell under the cutting table!
    In contrast to the cage question of the cat, this scene makes no sense at all. Why does Ripley bleed out of her nose while talking to Ash?

Otherwise, I wish you a lot of interest in your work. 😃

Actually the Alien Queen does not contradict the cocoon scene in Alien (let’s get it right what came first) As I am the guy who mapped the life cycle for the Aliens:Colonial Marines Technical Manual. Brett was being transformed into an egg that would contain a face hugger that would attach to Dallas and implant a Queen embryo. If the cycle had been able to continue, the Queen would have emerged and the Alien would have fed it to maturity and then mate with it. The Queen would then lay her eggs. The Alien itself would eventually die (akin to some insects after mating). This cycle is what happened aboard the Space Jockey juggernaught. If they (Kane/Lambert/Dallas) had investigated the derelict hold, they would have found the fossilised remains of a Queen and at least one Alien. As for it being Cameron’s idea, I don’t think it’s the case, especially when you look at Giger’s Alien book and the painting “Alien IV” You can clearly see where he got the idea from.