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The Sequels - George's Original Trilogy
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yotsuya said:

He on one hand says that the force is not ying and yang, but on the other that is how he wrote the stories. That is what Dave Filoni has taken from it and what shows up in Clone Wars and Rebels and The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker.

What stories? From all the movies George has written, it’s not that case at all. Dave Filoni is just as capable as misunderstand Star Wars lore as everyone other than George is.

yotsuya said:

The way I take the events of the PT is that the Jedi have slide too far to the light and have tipped the balance while the Sith have grown in power. So both sides are out of whack and in need of a reset. The Jedi think the Chosen One will come and wipe out the Sith. The Sith don’t care. So the Chosen one comes and the Sith lure him to the dark side and he helps wipe out the Jedi. Then 23 years later he wipes out his sith master and comes back to the light side. He balanced the force by resetting everything leaving Luke to rebuild.

I know where you’re coming from. I used to believe this too. I agree that it seems like a much nicer theory or way to view balance, but if we truly want to respect George’s vision, we have to adhere to what he defines as Balance. The Dark Side is when a person uses the Force to disrupt nature. It’s a slippery slope, because you only need to use a little of it to become a Sith. In order to preserve the Force, darkness must be eradicated completely, and this is the prophecy Anakin fulfills. If Balance to the Force means that the Dark side is just as strong as the Light, then this war would never end. The Star Wars story would never have a conclusion, which would make it pointless because it wouldn’t be going anywhere. Why even tell it? It would just be a state, not an evolution/story.

yotsuya said:

But there are still other force users out there. In The Last Jedi they made it very clear (Following in line with The Clone Wars and rebels - both which Lucas consulted on and okayed) that it very much is a ying and yang and they need to be in balance. They can be in balance in each person. Ignoring either side creates the imbalance.

Lucas consulted and Okay’d the Clone Wars. He didn’t oversee every little detail or plotline. George did not oversee or Okay the Last Jedi, which is where you’re getting the perception of Balance from. It’s incorrect. We’re not going to talk about the Sequels we got here, we’re going to talk about George’s Sequels.

yotsuya said:

I think he would have abandoned his Whills idea. Now if they were the race we saw in Clone Wars, that would have been cool, but microscopic? No.

The Whills have existed in Star Wars since the very first draft. He didn’t abandon them for almost 50 years; he wouldn’t now. He had hired screenwriter Michael Ardnt to write scripts based off this plotline. It was going to happen.

We never saw the Whills in the Clone Wars. And calling the Whills a bad idea because of how they would be executed on screen is a weak argument because we don’t know how they would’ve been presented. That’s where we can come in and come up with some cool stuff. In movies, any idea can be good enough if presented properly.