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The Sequels - George's Original Trilogy
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act on instinct said:

Again I worry about characterizing the whills too far so much that they become individualized almost like greek gods, I’d rather see the evil act originate from a mortal character that corrupts the balance and we get a closer look at the interplay between the human will’s influence over midichlorians vs the whills. There can be a need for powerful force users to be lured and sacrificed to harness that power which could be what happens with Darth Talon. I think a lot of the trilogy arc would be the mystery behind the force as it builds to a climax, with dark siders and light seeking deeper, more ancient answers, hard and heavy on eastern influence.

I agree. I would like to keep the Whills as vague as possible, but I’m not going to allow that to make me fearful of using them to a compelling point. I view the Whills like the Q Continuum from Star Trek. We see them as separate entities, yet they are all the same person/conscience. They’ve been using and controlling us to act out their own will. This is what should disillusion Luke. “My Father brought balance to the Force, but the Force has betrayed me and allowed evil to rise again. My faith and trust in the Force is shaken.” And then Kira comes along, and by passing on everything he learned to her, his faith is restored.

I absolutely love your idea of our own wills versus the Whills. That’s a phenomenal point to make in the Trilogy. A good point for Kira to make to Luke. BTW, the mortal who corrupts the Force could be Darth Temptress, corrupting the Jedi Killer while he’s training under Luke. The question is tho, where does this corruptor come from, and why did the Force allow this happen? I think it would be interesting if there was something going wrong with the Whills/the Force.

Could you elaborate a bit more on the luring and sacrificing comment you made? I don’t know if harnessing someone else’s power is possible. You either have a high Midi-Chlorian count or you don’t.

I really love your last comment. That’s exactly what I think the Sequel Trilogy should do for the Jedi plotline.