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The Sequels - George's Original Trilogy
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3-Mar-2020, 3:20 PM

About the only thing I had guessed from what Lucas and Hammil had said was that Luke would have the Qui-gon/Obi-wan role in the sequel. So he’d be in the first film and die near the end of it, passing on the torch to the new generation. And like Obi-wan, he’d come back as a force ghost as needed in the following two films. I also expected that if Solo were in it that he’d die as well. From what little I can guess, there was supposed to be a young girl who is the new Jedi hero who comes to Luke for training. I think if you are going something closer to what Lucas drafted in his treatment that the first film would be Luke’s film. It would end with his death in something epic. You’d introduce whatever the ST epic evil would be in the first film (or his henchman like in both the OT and PT). Past the first film I have no ideas. I never could really imagine what the next step would be to further the story. Involving Anakin in an integral way would be ideal. Having Luke or Liea have a kid (who doesn’t turn to the dark side) would have been great. I think the EU was too fucused on them being Jedi. I like what Rian did with TLJ that anyone can be a Jedi, but that it can run in families. So the new girl would be a nobody. Seriously a nobody. Just someone talented. Maybe someone Leia runs across and sends Luke’s way because she senses she is powerful in the force. And Leia should have more force abilities from the get go. Probably not a Jedi, not in the sense of a warrior. But using those skills for negotiation. I’d have the Republic go through some growing pains, but come out the Trilogy intact. I’d have the Skywalker in the ST be a pilot. Not quite powerful enough in the force to be a Jedi, but powerful enough to be an ace pilot.

The key thing, the thing I worried about with the ST we got, is the ending. What is the ending of the trilogy that is going to be epic enough to top ROTS and ROTJ. It has to further the story and bring it to a close. So the big bad needs to be connected to Palpatine and the Sith, though resurrecting Palpatine might not have been the best way to go about it. Maybe the big bad is trying to resurrect Palpatine. Maybe mentored by Palpatine’s ghost. But no physical Palpatine. Maybe the big bad was one of the Emperor’s hand’s like Mara Jade. And that is a character I would have included.