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Is the Despecialized Edition more important than an official release?
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3-Mar-2020, 9:06 AM

Mocata said:

It gets more important every day there is no official release.

But, a correct, official release would be much more important because it would be available to the public at large.
The average Joe doesn’t know what DeEd is & they get confused when it’s explained to them. If a correct OOT was packaged with every boxset, it would make the conversation MUCH easier.
Also, I still have to believe that LFL has access to better sources than anybody else & could put together better versions than the fan projects.

Still, the 4K-- projects are nailing the theatrical experience, DeEd V.3 is gonna be the perfect modern BluRay & Revisited is a sensible SE.
So, I’ve got no need for the current official products!