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Goldeneye - 35mm Scan and Preservation (a WIP)
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2-Mar-2020, 11:20 AM

singhcr said:

Thank you for the response to my PM about the file size. That makes sense!

I will watch it on my OLED for a good color reference, but the one thing I noticed right away doing a quick look on my PC is that the pre-credits sequence in the facility seems to be skewed green quite a bit compared to the rest of the film. The first reel change is around 13 minutes which is just after the credits sequence is over.

The Cinema DTS sounds great!

One other request: could the final version be made available with a Blu-ray file structure so I can burn it onto a disc? If not, is it difficult to strip out the video and audio from the MKV and author it myself into a BD?

I really appreciate all the hard work that went into this project.

Thanks for all the feedback and the close inspection - that’s exactly what this release was for. I’ll get back in a bit if the encoder has a reply re: the color.

I don’t imagine we’ll create a dedicated BD structure release, because it is indeed very easy to do yourself. Just grab TSMuxer, a free program, and go to town. You can also use TSMuxer to include any other audio tracks you might have/wish to include.