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Star Wars Episode IX (was) to be directed by Colin Trevorrow - DUEL OF THE FATES RIP
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29-Feb-2020, 3:50 AM
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29-Feb-2020, 3:50 AM
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Definitely hoping for the later version to leak so I can compare them. I have to say, my only real misgiving about DOTF is the romance subplot, and even that’s better than the one we got in TROS. It’s far from perfect, but it doesn’t seem to suffer from the inherent problems that make TROS, in my opinion, practically impossible to salvage with editing in the way people have done with the prequels: the return of Palpatine, the lack of any real character arc for Finn, the lack of anything at all for Rose, the lack of a real plot, the over-reliance on nostalgia and fake-outs.

With that in mind, I think I’m declaring DOTF in some form (precisely which TBD) canon, as far as I’m concerned, and rejecting TROS. I’m even mocking up a little Blu-Ray-case-sized book, with the script and concept art, to sit alongside my official releases and fan-edits. I also made this, just as a bit of wistful wishful thinking.

What might have been....