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Wanted: Star Wars Trilogy Vinyl 1983 by Victor Japanese White Label Promo
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24-Feb-2020, 1:41 AM
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25-Feb-2020, 6:35 PM
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I recently bought a CD varient of this soundtrack unware that is the in fact a record verison. So I got excited and started searching the web for one. I finally found one on eBay but, I did some futher reasearch and apparently, there is a white label promo verison as well. So I got excited again and started looking for a white label promo (the difference between a white label and a regular record label is that a white label was made before the actual record was released to the public. It also (obviously)had a white label on the centre of the record where you would place the record on the player and it was a promotion copy (hence why its called a promo). So I eventually found one not realising that it was a previous auction that had ended on August 2015:(. So ever since I discovered the white label for this particular record, I havent stopped looking for it since and now Im tried. So basically, I need help. Does anyone own one and is willing to sell, does anyone know anyone who owns one and does anyone know if there is any other records shops online (Ive seen almost all of them)? Appreciate any help possible as this means a lot to me.

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