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The Audio Preservation Thread
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20-Feb-2020, 3:32 AM
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9-Apr-2020, 9:25 PM
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Hello, I captured some French laserdisc, I don’t know if it’s bitperfect, I think it is, I use the optical input of a Macbook Pro who accepts 44.1 HZ.

I captured:
-Ferngully - Les Aventures de Zak et Crysta (1992) (French) 44,1 KHZ - synchronized on Blu-Ray (finalized on 48 Khz)
-NeverEnding Story - L’histoire sans fin (French) 44,1 Khz - Synchronized on Blu-Ray (finalized on 48 Khz)
-Just Cause (1995) (French) 44,1 KHZ - synchronized on Blu-Ray (finalized on 48 KHZ)
-So Dear to My Heart - Dany le petit mouton Noir (French) 44,1 Khz - Synchronized on Web DL Amzn (finalized on 48 Khz)
-Snow White - Blanche Neige (1937) (French, 1962 dubbing) 44,1 Khz - synchronized on Blu Ray (finalized on 48Khz)
-Running Man (French) 44,1
-The Mask (1994) (French) 44,1
-Mary Reuilly (1996) (french) 44,1
-Dangerous Liaisons - Liaisons Dangereuses (french) 44,1 - Synchronized on BR (finalized on 48Khz)
-Legend (1985) 2 laserdiscs versions (first french release with stéreo tracks, and 2nd release Surround tracks) 44,1
-the Little Mermaid - La Petite sirène (1989) (french - 1998 dubbing) 44,1 - Synchronized on UHD BR (finalized on 48Khz)
-Tron (1980) (french) 44,1
-Six Days Seven Nights (1998) (French) 44,1
-Miracle on 34th Street (1994) (french) 44,1

If somebody want, I Have 3 LD NTSC with original audio track, I can capture the PCM audio:
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989) Japanese LD
Point of No Return (1993)
Stargate (1994) (AC3 version :’( )

I have lot of HD-DVD too. Some HD-DVD have better audio than the Blu-Ray version (EAC3 1536 kbps on HD-DVD, AC3 640 on Blu-Ray).

I also have some French DTS theater CDs, which I decoded and synchronized on BR.