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After seeing The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if Disney ever made a third movie with these characters. There are a few scripts floating around which got me thinking, and seeing how it’s already 2020 and no movie seems to be on the radar, I thought I’d take a stab at concluding the story. For the sake of brevity it is presented in summary form with specific dialogue only in critical scenes.




Trash floats through the vacuum of space into the distance. The outline of a giant hatchway comes into view, outlined against the starfield. A small, ugly craft appears suddenly as if from thin air, then creeps into the hatchway as it begins to close, and as it snaps shut the stars turn into starlines as the Star Destroyer jumps to hyperspace.

The small ship lands in the grimy interior of the garbage bay and a hatch slides open. BB-8 rolls out, disguised as a First Order tactical droid, followed by Finn in Stormtrooper armor and Rose in a rough and ready First Order uniform. After quipping about the existence and danger of Dianogas they get to work, BB-8 and Finn heading for the crew and bridge sections, Rose descending into the engine bays with a variety of small electronic devices connected to binary beacons. Arriving at the intersection between the bridge and crew quarters, Finn and BB-8 split up, Finn to crew, BB-8 to the bridge. As he marches down the hallway, a unit of Stormtroopers pass headed by a glowering Kylo Ren. Finn quickly turns the corner out of sight, but Kylo whirls around and glares behind him, the troopers stumbling to a stop. Gathering himself, he marches on to the bridge. As the captain rises to greet him, he throws the hapless soul into the window and begins ranting about his lack of support in the battle. The captain sputters about ship malfunctions and crew morale, but Kylo doesn’t want to hear it. What peeves him most is the fact that the Resistance seems to be able to predict his every move. The officers mutter behind his back of rumors that Kylo believes Luke is orchestrating these failures from beyond the grave.

Finn and BB-8 return to the garbage dump. Finn has updated the trooper’s information and procedure manuals with some choice history of the Galactic Empire and the Jedi, and BB-8 has gathered from the computers the fleet’s next destination. Finn sends this info down the line to the Resistance. Sabotaging Kylo’s ship was the most dangerous of their missions, which is why it was their last, but they seem to have pulled it off. The last Resistance hyperspace relay is placed on the floor of the garbage dump, awaiting its ejection at the site of the next place of unrest in the galaxy. Rose is still unaccounted for, however. Finn’s communicator crackles, telling him that there’s a problem. They leave for the engine rooms.

On Coruscant, Hux reviews the losses and Kylo’s final report. Thrawn stands behind him. He denigrates Kylo’s tactics as unbecoming of a Supreme Leader, bemoaning the state of the First Order with an unbalanced Skywalker at its helm. Thrawn comments on the frivolous waste of chasing down the Resistance as he has singlehandedly won the core worlds for the First Order.

They walk the halls of the First Order palace, coming to a room off-limits to anyone but Kylo. Thrawn nevertheless has the codes, and they enter Kylo’s sanctuary. Here are his artifacts, his broken mask which has been welded together, Vader’s mask, broken lightsabers and old Kyber crystals, Sith paraphernalia. Thrawn approaches Kylo’s mask. He remarks upon how Kylo himself broke the mask and had it remade, and how curious it was that one so eager to destroy finds it difficult to actually take action. He claims that Kylo is in fact governed by his legacy to such an extent that he is unable to move beyond it. He tells Hux that the First Order knows very well where Leia is hiding, directing all these uprisings, but Kylo refuses to destroy her because of his conflicted soul. He urges Hux to take action, to do that which he has wanted to do since the beginning, that someone fighting on the front lines is susceptible to…accidents. With Kylo out of the way, Thrawn would be under Hux’s control, and would gladly end this insurrection. It is Leia who keeps the legend of Luke alive, Thrawn says, and to kill her is to kill the Resistance. Hux asks of the girl who is so important to Kylo, and what threat she poses. Thrawn pauses beside a collection of curious artifacts – the helmet of a Rebel pilot, a small potted flower clinging to life, a stuffed Rebel fighter doll – and says that she is nobody, capable of inspiring no armies, no resistance to their will, Force or not. For the Force is a distraction from real power, the power to rule galaxies.