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Help: Twin Dragons 1992 - Jackie Chan - Uncut Original English Dub (a WIP)
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18-Feb-2020, 2:14 PM

Ronster said:

I assume you have a PAL speedup vhs.

If the speed of the audio is different on the VHS audio to that of the new cleaned versions of the film you will have to conform the audio from the VHS to the new release.

Rip the audio from the new release and put both audio files in audacity.

You will have to change the speed most likely of the VHS to that of the new release. You must get them now to match up pretty much exactly.

Look in the how to sections here about conerting PAl speed to NTSC or what ever frame rate the new version is. You basically need to synch them up then you can put it on the video.

Thanks @Ronster for all the advice/input. I’m going to have a look into some of the points you mentioned.

Here are some technical details that might help you/whoever is reading this:

Clean HD Video has an exact frame rate of 23.9 according to VLC player info (24fps I’m assuming this means). I have a feeling this is running at slower NTSC format rate??

The VHS video Rip has a exact frame rate of 29.9 (30fps I’m assuming this means). I’ve managed to rip the audio from this file and have it as an MP3.

If Ronster/anyone need more info please let me know what you need and I’ll try to get it.

Basically I’m at the point were I have all the basic ingredients and I just need to put them together.

Any suggestions on what tools/programs I can use for the syncing/converting processes for this project?

Any help here is greatly appreciated