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The Original Trilogy - a general Random Thoughts thread
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17-Feb-2020, 8:09 PM
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One of the many standout features across the whole Trilogy for me is James Earl Jones’ seminal delivery of dialogue for the character of Darth Vader. He added such power, authoritative wrath and wondrous menace… to the already striking visual aesthetic of both the mask and suit, as well as the colossal prowess and performance by Dave Prowse under the helmet.

All films of this nature need a strong and memorable villain… and yet James Earl Jones’ voice-work for Vader lifted the character to another level of fear-inducing badassery; which is probably not an easy thing to achieve in movies where the ‘bad guys’ usually tend to be played as stereotypical caricatures or are somewhat ‘hammed up’ by the actors playing them.


A great little article on JEJ and voicing Vader - including his thoughts on ESB’s director on the delivery of his lines…

James Earl Jones Didn’t Believe Darth Vader Was Luke’s Father

“I said to myself, ‘He’s lying. I wonder how they are going to play that lie out?’” the actor says.


and an article on him meeting Carrie Fisher for the first time in 2014 - for filming an episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’:-

Star Wars’ James Earl Jones And Carrie Fisher Only Recently Met For The First Time’:-



Also, the following is a true story… Harrison Ford and James Earl Jones once teamed up with each other to defeat the Nazis - impressive, most impressive (apologies for the bunny)…