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17-Feb-2020, 10:58 AM
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ray_afraid said:

I’ve heard that many people cant get into TOS because it’s “Too corny.”
Hot take incoming…
It’s TGN, for me, that is so corny I can’t take it. It’s full of cheesy corn & soap opera antics. Over the last few years I’ve really come to love TOS. I used to think I hated Trek en mass, but once I finally gave it a real shot, TOS won me over very quickly.
I’ve occasionally dipped into TNG, thinking I must have missed something when it was actually on air. I love Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner & LeVar Burton. But, TNG is just not for me.
I haven’t tried the other shows.

Personally my two favorite shows are TOS and DS9. DS9 is a real breath of fresh air compared to TNG. TNG is very formal, everyone is rather stiff because they have to show proper respect to rank. On DS9 it’s much more casual and to me, a lot more fun.

Though that isn’t to say I don’t like TNG. I actually think you might like it if you give it a proper chance, just know the first two seasons are really bad. It’s not until the third season where TNG finally starts to find its footing.

Same for DS9, though that really only took a single season. Pretty much every Trek takes time to find itself. The only exception being TOS which was great after the pilot.

But yeah if you like TOS I’d recommend giving DS9 a shot, just know the first season is a bit rough.