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The Star Wars Edit Request Thread: Request the links to Star Wars fan edits here
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15-Feb-2020, 12:55 PM

I’d take a darthrush too

But very interested in the Adywan 1080p ESB respecialized 1997 edit, in addition to the highest quality edit of ROTJ that has both victory celebration and the Sebastian Shaw ghost (I’m sorry, I must be one of the few fans who loved Jedi before 1997 but have not missed yub nub one bit). I was pretty young then - maybe that’s why.

So far I’d say the winner is dillary trump’s 1997 edit - though I have recently acquired kk650’s semi specialised too, yet to watch start to finish.

I would also be interested in the HDTV versions (any and all).

I have also used MakeMKV to extract Adywan’s ANH DVD9 from his iso, and will happily put that on my Google drive for others to download if interested. I am not home currently home so may not upload that for a week or two. I can PM people links when I do