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Unusual Sequel Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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14-Feb-2020, 4:01 AM

CassusFett said:

Thanks! You are definitely making me think. I like your thoughts on Rey coming to represent the balance and I think that’s what they were going for, but I think they wanted to have it both ways. Rey clearly denied Kylo many times, and she only accepted him once he came to the light. She turns her saber yellow, but I didnt buy it at that point. I think her character is too dead set on the light side of the force, and so to me she clearly represents the Jedi.

I will attempt to portray her death as victorious and satisfying. She will bring balance to the force by destroying palpatine and herself.


I want to (somehow) add a few lines suggesting that she knows she will die and she chooses to sacrifice herself to defeat the Sith. Thereby completing her arc. She has to sacrifice the future of the Jedi in order to save the Galaxy.

Maybe this could be acomplished by hearing her thoughts/memories (instead of or in addition to the jedis-of-the-past-voices) right before she sacrifices herself: You could hear Luke saying “it’s time for the jedi to end” and/or Kylo saying “let the past die. Kill it, if you have to” (both lines from TLJ). She then smiles, showing that she understands and accepts her destiny, and subsequently dies while killing Palpatine (I’m thinking of a scene similar to Obi Wan vs Vader in ANH).