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Broom Kid
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Star Wars Episode IX (was) to be directed by Colin Trevorrow - DUEL OF THE FATES RIP
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13-Feb-2020, 4:30 PM
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13-Feb-2020, 4:43 PM
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Broom Kid
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But I’d say stacking DOTF up against the drafts for really any of the other SW films isn’t unreasonable.

But we’re not stacking this movie against any of the other ones. My whole point was that the direct comparison to Star Wars (1974) isn’t a good one.

Yes, movies change across drafts. Not arguing that. But the degree to which they change (and specifically, the degree to which STAR WARS changed from 73-77) isn’t as easy to reliably measure from movie to movie, and especially not considering the different circumstances in context surrounding the productions of those specific movies.

It’s not ever going to be 1:1 - but you’ll get closer using better examples.

I sincerely doubt the final product of TFA was about 70% the same as the first draft.

I think it was pretty close. I also think there weren’t that many drafts, either. I think it might have been something like 2 1/2, haha.

That’s about 1 1/2 more than Attack of the Clones got