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Dek Rollins
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Star Wars The Lost Cut: Everything We Know About It
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9-Feb-2020, 5:20 PM

Ronster said:

Yes I agree it is an assembly and it would have had for instance different options included within it.

My point about montross is that this was turned into a continuation of the Jabba scene first and unwritten if we are to trust the actor that originally played greedo.

Then a new version was filmed during principle photography that allowed for another option and a much better way to do the scene.

It is an assembly of options all on the table at once. You will have multiple takes of scenes also perhaps strung together it would not be like watching a film but multiple versions of scenes with options. At 13 reels it will have a lot of alternate angles and various dialogue changes and tonality deliverance of lines from actors.

It’s not that there is a massive amount more just that there are options to what is there with a bit of deleted scenes naturally most things are alternatives than a deleted scene in film.

I seriously doubt the rough cut included multiple different takes of the same scene in sequence. That’s not how a rough cut is assembled.