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4K77 - Released
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8-Feb-2020, 12:59 AM

Williarob said:

calculon559 said:

ChainsawAsh said:

Williarob will be using Dre’s new correction for an update that will also replace many of the patched-in Blu-Ray frames with new 4K print scans (some from an LPP print, some from a 1997 SE print).

Will there be any frames used from the 4K Disney+ version or have they got all the frames from prints now?

In some instances, the bluray frames could not be color matched to the print. If there are no print sources for a frame and the D+ frames match better, then they will be used. But the goal is to minimize the amount of footage from non 35mm sources used in the 4Kxx projects.

Oohteedee already partially “despecialized” the D+ versions of ANH and ESB using 4K77 and 4K80 sources. (Most of the 4K80 footage he cleaned himself, since that’s not done yet) if that’s what you’re looking for. He calls them “D+77” and “D+80”. Hopefully a D+83 will follow in the not too distant future, and all three D+ projects will quickly be upgraded to use the physical media when that becomes available next month.

Interesting. Didn’t even know about the ‘partially despecialized’ D+ versions.

I only mentioned the streaming 4K versions because, to me at least, that would be the next best source to use if for whatever reason you can’t find the necessary frames from a 35mm source, which would of course be preferable. Not to mention the CC on the Disney+ versions is leagues better than the 2004/2011 versions, so it should be less of a problem to color match to the 35mm material.