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Tomas Stacewicz
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4K77 - Released
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7-Feb-2020, 2:55 AM

ChainsawAsh said:

Honestly, you guys might want to hold off. Dre is doing a reel by reel color correction that looks excellent and preserves the original color differences from shot to shot from the print (1.4 uses Sanjuro’s shot by shot color correction, which does not) and removes the green tint, and Williarob will be using Dre’s new correction for an update that will also replace many of the patched-in Blu-Ray frames with new 4K print scans (some from an LPP print, some from a 1997 SE print).

No set timetable or anything but I don’t think it’ll be too crazy long since Dre’s been working through the reels fairly quickly and I believe Williarob has already begun prepping the replacement frames so he can just drop in Dre’s LUTs once they’re finished.

Seems to me like it’ll be well worth the wait and might make v1.4 effectively obsolete.

Good news. Hope he removes the digital noise seen in that Red R2 scene on Tatooine as well.