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The Original Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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4-Feb-2020, 11:44 AM
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SparkySywer said:

snooker said:

Why do people hate puppets so much

I think it’s because of the limitations of practical effects, and that people are willing to trade that in more and more for the limitlessness of CGI, even if that sacrifices the actors and sometimes the visual quality of the effect itself. The Yoda puppet has a lot of restrictions when it came to movement, something you wouldn’t get if you had a real life little alien walking around on set. This is what I think people mean when they say it’s obvious Yoda’s just a puppet. I mean, it’s not like that was a secret, so it has to be something deeper.

However, I think the fact that they added back in a lot of these limitations when doing the CGI for the prequels speaks to how important they are. Real life creatures may not have the same limitations as a puppet, but they don’t have the same freedom of movement that CGI has. The restrictions on the Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda puppet just make it all the more convincing that it’s a baby with limited motor function.

Don’t forget that the skin on the Yoda puppet looks really “rough” and not really organic-looking in comparison to real life creatures.