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Space Hunter M
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What do you think was the best release of the OT at the time it came out?
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1-Feb-2020, 6:52 PM

Tack said:

I think a prime Eastman mono print would have been the way I personally would love to see it. The mono mix is so much more sonically alive to me than the Dolby and 70mm versions

I absolutely adore the mono version. It’s my preferred mix of the film. I’d love to hear it booming in an actual theater.

I also second the notion that a fully 35mm sourced version of it is one of the last “holy grails” of the OT for me. The Belcubus and Puggo/Jaxxon presentations are nice, but both have their limitations (being sourced from TV airings and 16mm optical, respectively).

I think the Technidisc was the best presentation of the original film on domestic U.S. LD just in terms of integrity.

It’s way more honest about its source material than the Definitive Collection transfer, and obviously a major improvement over the SWE/ISR.