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Game of Thrones Redeemed (Released)
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31-Jan-2020, 3:12 PM

Thanks for the critiques! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll try to answer your thoughts below:

I made the choice to split some episodes from beyond the wall and the battle at winterfell because I felt it gave an illusion of longer time for one thing, and also it helped a bit with some of the fast travel. I agree that the 30 minute episodes were too short, but after playing around with them I felt like this was the best choice for what I had.

I tried really hard to make each scene change have different people for a natural flow, but there were a few times where it just wasn’t working.

The biggest change I’d like to make if I ever go back to this would be to fix the Bran VO. Some people were okay with the volume, and others obviously weren’t. Audio editing is the most challenging part to me, but hopefully I can fix it up.

Glad the visual effects worked! Only thing was at the end I wanted more dead in the funeral, but I could only manage a few characters because of the footage.

Dialogue for Jon is difficult. I actually went through two voice over actors. One didn’t work out and I just wasted time and money, but the one I had was a guy from youtube who was one of the better ones out there. I think if it was a normal scene with Jon talking like he usually does it would have fit better, but because it was a quieter scene he didn’t know how to impersonate it as well.