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Terminator Dark Fate: Epic Cut (Released)
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31-Jan-2020, 1:56 PM
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22-Sep-2020, 11:31 AM
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The main purpose of this edit is to reduce bad humor and silliness and to improve the pacing of the action scenes. Terminator Dark Fate is a good film which should take itself seriously, not become another joke of the franchise. PM me for link and by doing so you agree you own the HD version of Terminator Dark Fate.

Major changes:

• Removed Carl the friendly neighborhood terminator’s family from appearing in person.
• Carl is more serious now, removed his extra-corny dialogue.
• A lot of the action was slowed by long, unnecessary pauses. This has been fixed.
• Removed a lot of bad dialogue and silly jokes. Kept the humor which was done well.
• Made Sarah more of a cool asshole instead of a sad asshole.
• The fight with the REV-9 on the plane turned into a real shitshow so this was refined and tightened up.

Original Length: 2h 8m
New Length: 1h 57m
4GB 1080p 5.1 AAC

Details of changes:

  1. Trimmed the end of Sarah’s T2 rant in the psychiatric hospital and voiced it over into the skull beach scene. James Cameron was proud of this scene from T2 for sure but Tim Miller doesn’t need to replay the whole thing.
  2. Trimmed T-800 walking away after killing John Connor so it doesn’t look like he’s strolling, out for a dip in the ocean.
  3. Cut Sarah’s dumb VO line “and I am terminated.”
  4. Cut Dani’s line referring to her brother as “little brother.” We figure this out soon enough.
  5. Trim the REV-9 naked arrival landing and then standing up so he’s posing a little less.
  6. Cut Diego’s multiple lines of “Go faster! Go faster!” as they flee in the junky truck. It makes him less annoying and seem more heroic later.
  7. Cut slow-mo on Grace’s face as she stands in the back of the pickup truck, ready to hurl the bar at REV-9.
  8. Cut Grace’s augmented vision zeroing in on REV-9’s head as he drives the dump truck.
  9. Trimmed time of Dani in the truck trying to save her brother so the danger feels more immediate.
  10. Trimmed Grace and Dani escaping from the truck so the REV-9 ramming it is more immediate.
  11. Trim last several seconds of REV-9 reforming himself then looking around after ramming the truck.
  12. Trimmed the REV-9 and endoskeleton just standing there on the road and not attacking.
  13. Trimmed the REV-9 endoskeleton reaction to Sarah’s jeep bearing down.
  14. Cut REV-9 just standing there admiring Sarah after she runs down the endoskeleton.
  15. Trimmed Sarah’s dramatic exit from her vehicle.
  16. Trimmed REV-9 reaction to Sarah so he starts his sprint toward Dani sooner.
  17. Cut Sarah basically posing with the missile launcher.
  18. Cut some of Sarah’s jokes in the motel.
  19. Cut Dani questioning how much medicine Sarah is injecting into Grace and cut Sarah’s answer.
  20. In Grace’s flashback cut a few parts of the officer giving orders because he looks a bit dorky. Focus should be Grace, not some rando meathead.
  21. Same flashback. Cut drawn out close up of the skull.
  22. Same flashback. Trimmed a few seconds after the officer ordered Grace to save the commander. They were both moving so slow.
  23. Same flashback. Cut Grace saying she volunteers to be an augment. This is strongly implied already.
  24. Cut Sarah’s line in the motel “sometimes mommies and daddies have to have grown up discussions.”
  25. Cut Grace’s line in the car “You don’t fight it. You run from it.” Too pessimistic, even for Grace, plus it’s her mission to fight the REV-9.
  26. Cut Sarah’s wannabe unabomber lines in the car about “America’s Most Wanted” and “get off the grid.”
  27. Removed Sarah’s VO during train station establishing shot.
  28. Cut Sarah’s jerky expression after she tells Grace “I was her. And it sucks.” Referring to Dani.
  29. Trimmed Grace’s juvenile facial response to Sarah.
  30. Cut the pause and highlight on the recording of Dani’s face when REV-9 accesses the data center. Also cut obvious references to location.
  31. On the train ride cut dialogue about Mother Mary. It almost sounds like Sarah is jealous of Dani.
  32. In the detention center after the medic finds the syringes on Grace and says “Nice body search fellas” cut the grimace of the fella who evidently didn’t search properly.
  33. Cut Carl’s line “I’m not what you think I am.”
  34. Cut Carl the friendly terminator handing out beers.
  35. Cut Sarah’s lines about Carl’s wife being a terminator.
  36. Cut Carl’s line about Alicia’s husband wanting to kill her child.
  37. Cut some of Carl’s lines where he mentions family members by name.
  38. Cut Carl the philosophical terminator’s line “Because without purpose we are nothing.”
  39. Cut Carl’s line about raising his son.
  40. Cut Carl the philosophical terminator’s line “I thought it would bring meaning to your son’s death.”
  41. Cut Sarah’s line before she shoots Carl. Her reaction is more immediate.
  42. Cut the Alicia reference from Carl’s line after he gets shot multiple times in the chest, bleeding “this will be very hard to explain to Alicia.” Funny line. Just need to reduce references to the wife who we don’t need to see.
  43. Cut Carl’s family outside. Get right to the group discussion, planning the fight against REV-9.
  44. In Carl’s weapons room cut his reference to protecting his family.
  45. After weapons practice, cut the lines with Carl about keeping Sarah’s phone in a bag of potato chips. This recurring old man joke is not all that and a bag of chips.
  46. Cut Carl saying goodbye to his family. Feels too silly and they’re just presented as props, not real characters.
  47. Trim Carl talking about drapes (his occupation). It’s funny but just needs to be shortened rather than turning Carl into the rain man of drapery.
  48. Cut Grace’s narration about the REV-9 coming back soon in the helicopter.
  49. Cut Grace making a weird face as she pilots the aircraft, taking off.
  50. Cut some of the characters floating around in the nosediving aircraft including Carl’s line “open the cargo bay.” It looks absolutely ridiculous.
  51. Cut Grace karate kicking REV-9 in the face. It was kind of cool but edited so badly with the adjacent scenes. It had to go.
  52. Cut Sarah messing around trying to open the cargo bay doors and looking very inept.
  53. Cut REV-9 attacking the Humvee underwater. If the REV-9 can’t dispatch a target trapped in a vehicle underwater he’s not much of a terminator.
  54. When confronting REV-9 inside the dam facility, cut Sarah’s rather weak line “you metal motherfucker.”
  55. After the dam turbine blows, cut Sarah declaring “It’s not dead.”
  56. Move Grace’s line about using her power source to fry REV-9’s neural net after REV-9 attacks Sarah and it’s clear it’s not dead yet.
  57. Sarah yells at Carl to wake up once. This is now done in VO.
  58. Cut Carl’s final line “For John.” We’re never going to reach the same level of sentimentality as the T-800’s death in T2 so let’s not milk it.
  59. Cut Dani’s line to deceased Grace, “You saved me.” Silence is better here.