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Info: When will we see a fan edit of episode 4 that includes the SC 38 reimagined fight scene from FXitinPost?
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30-Jan-2020, 3:12 PM
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30-Jan-2020, 3:20 PM
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Vladius said:
I appreciate what they did but I think that they and others miss the point of the scene, it’s not supposed to be an elaborate acrobatic fight sequence.
The scene looks completely ridiculous in context, like dropping a cracked out MTV clip into a rerun of a show from the 70s.
This is nonsensical. Juxtaposed with your prior sentence, you seem to imply that you want more “leaping, running, [and] wild swinging.”
Even taking into account prequel knowledge, how do you know that Vader is violently angry at Obi Wan? Maybe his emotions are more complex than that; he’s had 20 years to think about it. Maybe deep down he’s reluctant to engage him and he’s doing it out of duty to the Empire. Vader being cold and distant is much more consistent with his characterization in the movie and the next two movies.
I mean that if you remake that scene in that style, you might as well remake the whole movie because of how incongruous it is.

dude Anakin was a delusional psychopath who must’ve fing Hated Obi Wan dude he decapitated him imagine if that didnt happen Anakin could have been there for Padmes birth!! he friken went to the dark side and killed all those d*mn Jedi for Padme, like That’s whats probably going through his mind all of those years. the way Vader walks so mercilessly towards Obi Wan… and when Obi Wan and Vader first see each other here do u see How fing black Vader is… this scene is PERFECT LOL!