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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread - * SPOILERS *
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30-Jan-2020, 4:22 AM
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30-Jan-2020, 4:57 AM
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Also, just kind of wanting to gauge people’s interest in a fan edit where Ben Solo lives at then end of TROS. You can vote here to help give me a sense if people would like to see it.

Yes, I’m keen on seeing a version where Ben lives!

My little fan-fiction brain went into overdrive after seeing the movie as I was slightly saddened that Ben died…not because it was actually sad, but because it seemed to end an exciting character with lots of un-mined potential.

Please excuse me whilst I briefly deviate from the core discussion, but my ‘pitch’ for the ongoing story of Ben Solo is where he is effectively a Jedi ‘John Wick’ :-p

Ben’s years spent as Kylo Ren mean he can never join the good guys, he’s caused to much hurt and pain to ever be accepted. In fact, he’s probably officially considered a War criminal?

So, he’s committed himself to a life of exile where he’s just a drifter looking to carve out a little bit of the galaxy for himself, trying to keep a low profile and live out the rest of his days in relative peace.

BUT like any good anti-hero he’s not a saint!

  • Maybe he’s a smuggler?
  • Maybe he’s a pilot (or a navigator aboard a spice freighter?)
  • Maybe he’s a Bounty Hunter or a Mercenary?..a Ronin?

He isn’t some more evolved, zen version of himself - like your normal, run of the mill Jedi-hermit - he’s a chip off the old block, he’s a Rogue and he still has all the edginess associated with his bloodline.

Anyhow, his darker past has a habit of catching up with him and that continually forces him into situations where he gets to unleash lots of savage, Jedi badassery when the circumstances call for it.

So yes, please someone try keeping Ben alive? if for no other reason than to let me pretend that there might be an alternate version of a Galaxy Far Far Away where this could all play out 😃