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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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30-Jan-2020, 1:13 AM

I don’t really think this is feasible, but I feel like the movie would’ve had better momentum if Rey didn’t stop and get a pep talk from Luke before going to Exegol. If Rey had her vision in the Death Star, almost killed Kylo and pushed Finn, then took Kylo’s ship and went straight to Exegol alone, I feel like the tension would be a lot higher. Rey throughout the whole film has slowly been tapping into that dark side more and more, so what if the Rey vs Kylo battle on the Death Star had been like a turning point where Kylo started on the path toward the light, and Rey started descending into darkness. Rey has slowly became more isolated and hopeless, and she feels like all is lost until she realizes Ben came for her on Exegol.

Obviously this would create some issues, like losing the only scene with Luke, creating a continuity issue with Rey flying a different ship to and from Exegol, as well as having no explanation for where Leia’s saber came from. I obviously like the message of the Luke scene, but I feel like we would’ve been more worried for Rey if she had went straight to Palpatine instead.