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28-Jan-2020, 9:15 PM
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I’m not sure where they’re going with this. Ruth almost has to be a pre-Hartnell Doctor. No doubt though, she’s a cool looking Doctor with her 1960s vibe. That also lends possibility to her being pre-Hartnell.

Nice touch when Ruth looks in the mirror at the beginning and says “Alright Monday, do your worst” - the shape of the mirror matches the TARDIS console.

Beyond that, this episode may be Jodie’s best yet. LOVED the deeper more introspective Doctor.
Man, Jodie is totally owning this now. They’re really letting her become the focus of the show without too much time spent on side stories of the companions. This was the perfect balance.

I don’t say that lightly either because if it were up to me, Mandip Gill would be the focus of every episode. * swoon *. Also, OMG, her accent… heaven.

Digging the return of Captain Jack. Great re-introduction. Great stuff with him thinking each of them is the Doctor for a bit. I suspect he’ll be back for at least one more. Can’t wait to see them meet again after all these years. This is also where you can see a change this year; the Doctor didn’t play it humorous or light when she finds out Captain Jack has returned. She realizes he’s back and trying to get word to her, but she stays in the seriousness of the story. Fantastic!