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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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28-Jan-2020, 5:18 AM

[I’m not a native speaker, but I hope all this still makes sense (well, at least language-wise)]

I rewatched the movie yesterday for a third time (along with my notebook, btw) and came to the conclusion that it should not just be rather uncomplicated (technically as well as story-wise) to remove the whole “Rey Palpatine”-nonsense, but also the force dyad, as to me it raises more questions than it solves problems.

I counted six scenes with explicit mentions of Reys Palpatine-heritage (including the one big, fat first encounter between her and Palpatine on Exegol) and three or four scenes in which it somehow is implied (but probably could be worked around). If one would more or less just cut them out or somehow alter them, the plot would not just still makes sense, but actually would even make more sense, especially from a philosophical point of view (because, you know, Rey Nobody…).

The Dyad is only mentioned twice (again on a rather larger scale during the grand finale on Exegol). As far as I recall, there is no word on it in the previous two movies. Until yesterday I honestly didn’t had a problem with it, but the (undeniable) special connection between Rey and Kylo could be explained differently and better, although I’m not yet sure how this could be done satisfactorily. My best idea is that Rey created that connection somehow by pushing back into Kylos mind while he force-interrogates Rey in Ep7. Also, of course, Snoke declared that he created that connection (but wouldn’t that mean that Palpatine did this through Snoke?).

All in all, I too think (as it has been suspected in this forum before) that the initial plan was to keep going with Rey Nobody and then changed probably with the reshoots, as (at least) the Palpatine-bloodline seems just so clumsy added (so might be the force dyad).