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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread - * SPOILERS *
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28-Jan-2020, 12:34 AM
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28-Jan-2020, 12:35 AM
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This is an interesting idea. Maybe the wayfinder could be a holocron (the Emperor’s holocron?), and Rey discovers a clue about it in the Jedi texts. Maybe Rey thinks it will reveal the key to defeating the First Order, maybe show her a weakness. While Rey is training for her mission, Kylo connects with her and discovers what she is planning to do. So she has to rush and get it before he does.

Although in retrospect I like the idea you have with ghosts and the foreshadowing there. Maybe after Ben throws his lightsaber away, you could even have an edited montage of the Star Destroyers being destroyed across the galaxy. You could maybe even have the Resistance celebrating. You could end with Rey looking at the forest and Finn asks her what she is looking at, and she says, nothing. But maybe it could be edited to where we see that she is looking at Ben through the Force bond. Maybe we could edit some footage of him on Pasana, but make it look like he has exiled himself to the Lars Homestead. Or, maybe Rey goes to exile herself on Tatooine after that, and it could seem more solemn, but at the end we see Ben has come there too, maybe with the implication that he’ll change her mind and they’ll restart the Jedi order together.

Saying all of this, I personally don’t like the idea of Saga ending with just a duology. So you’d have three prequels, the three originals, and then just two sequels?
After reading your comment, I had this idea that you probably could take the prequels and the sequels and turn them into one prologue and one epilogue for the original trilogy. The prologue could mostly be Revenge of the Sith, excising most contradictions with the OT. Either you could show Anakin’s fall, or keep it ambiguous in order to watch it chronologically and save the reveal. The the epilogue could just be TFA and TLJ, but keep the story to Rey and Kylo’s perspectives, and end it with Broom Boy. You could pull a Hal and name the edits after Legends books, Star Wars: Prologue - Specter of the Past and Star Wars: Epilogue - Vision of the Future.