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Help: Twin Dragons 1992 - Jackie Chan - Uncut Original English Dub (a WIP)
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27-Jan-2020, 11:46 AM
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12-Aug-2020, 1:46 PM
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I’m posting on here in the hope that someone out there will be able to help me with this.

The 1992 Jackie Chan film Twin Dragons was released in the UK on VHS in the 90’s via the distributor: Imperial Entertainment UK/M.I.A Video which I own. The approx. runtime of this VHS which I own is 100 mins. From what I’ve managed to research online this is pretty much the uncut original English dub version (with some minor exceptions). This version has never been released on any other format to date and is considered a collectors item. I’m in the process of trying to rip this VHS copy onto a digital format which is proving harder than first expected due to USB VHS capture devices not being fully compatible with windows 10. The version released by Dimension/Miramax is an abomination and travesty for all true Jackie Chan fans who remember watching this film with the amazing original English dub with all its quirks and flaws intact. Dimension not only ruined the soundtrack with an alternative score and English dub they also cut the film down for whatever ignorant reason they thought was justified.

What’s the point?

Basically I’m looking for someone who has the original uncut English VHS version with the original early 90’s English dub track on a digital format or DVD etc.

As a side project I’d like the original English dub/soundtrack to be used with the new cleaned up uncut versions which are available with the French and German releases. I’m not an editing expert hence I would need help with the editing process etc but I’m pretty sure with a little tinkering here and there and someone with audio/video editing skills they will be able to sync the original English track with French or German video which are both uncut.

Side note:

I actually have an uncut Russian audio version of the film which you can just about here the old original English track with the new cleaned up picture from the French release. I have no idea how this Russian uncut version came about but it’s infuriating because you can here the old original English audio track in the background but with a Russian lector speaking over it.

Anyway I hope this post gets some responses. Please PM with any info or thoughts etc.
Lets try and make/unearth this gem with the old original English audio and uncut.