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Unusual Sequel Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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27-Jan-2020, 5:53 AM

Force healing is one thing. It was used to great effect in The Mandalorian after all. But Force revival or resurrection is a dark side power as per Revenge of The Sith. This cannot be overstated, people! Much worse, both (healing and revival) are used lazily in TRoS as a mere plot convenience.

A better movie/ending would be if Kylo and the Knights of Ren were trying to unlock this Sith power all along as a way of resurrecting Sidious and Vader (who also were trying to unlock this power themselves while they were alive), i.e., “I will finish what you started, grandfather.” Kylo and the KoR ultimately succeed in unlocking this power, but as Kylo is using it (or about to use it) to resurrect Vader, Anakin appears to him and confirms that he did in fact turn to the light side before he died—something that Kylo had been deceived by Snoke into believing was a lie. Kylo begins to doubt everything he has been endeavoring to do, but the Knights of Ren do not see things Kylo’s way and are not so easily dissuaded from their goal. Thus, the KoR are determined to press on and resurrect Sidious. They are somewhat successful in doing so as they revive him partially to a very weakened state.

Kylo fights and defeats the KoR after tensions escalate, but Rey is killed by Sidious when he catches her off guard.

Sidious tries to manipulate Kylo (who is not quite turned to the light side yet) and puts him in a position where he can either complete Sidious’ revival using his newfound darkside power (restoring him to full health and power), or revive Rey by the same means. However, reviving Rey all by himself will require him to sacrifice his own life because it will deplete too much of his life force. He revives her anyway and dies, thereby completing his redemption arc. Rey promptly kills a very weak but still formidable Sidious. The end.

Many of the elements to make this version work are already present, but I don’t know what could realistically be stitched together from the source material. However, it would mean a few things that I consider preferable: That only Kylo—with his cult-like devotion to the old ways of the Sith—could resurrect people using Force, not Rey. It would also make Kylo (at least initially) and the Knights of Ren the main villains instead of Sidious, which I think is fitting since the KoR were there in the ST all along just waiting for something relevant to do, yet Sidious rather abruptly came out of nowhere and ruined Anakin’s sacrifice (in this proposed version, it would be more about honoring Anakin’s legacy).