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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread - * SPOILERS *
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27-Jan-2020, 4:08 AM
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27-Jan-2020, 4:41 AM
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Ok,so I have been dealing a lot with this movie lately.

First of all, we of course don’t have all the deleted scenes available yet. But I have a feeling that Disney is not gonna release a ton (contrary to TLJ) because I feel like JJ’s heart is not so much into the idea of deleted scenes and “what if’s”, such as Rian.
Also, at this point after all the #JJCut controversy and the leaks concerning #DuelOfTheFates I think that Disney is going to do a bit of damage control by trying to change the narrative to “This was the movie we planned all along. Therefore, we don’t have deleted scenes, etc.” That’s very unfortunate because this movie’s biggest flaws (aside from the #ReyPalpatine and #PalpatneIsBack stuff is the pacing and the entire structure.

Without deleted scenes you can only do so much like cut stuff out to fix the pacing. But I don’t think that’s what we really want because it would shrink the movie down even more so. It just wouldn’t feel “right” to have a big finale closing off the entire saga running at 2h or less. Btw. I’m still baffled why they announced weeks prior that TROS was suppose to be the longest Star Wars movie yet (running at approx 155 min and what we got was actually shorter than TLJ by over 10 min.

Here we can do something for sure.

  1. What always bothered me about the movie was that we know within the first 5 minutes of the film not only that Palpatine is back, but where exactly he is. So where is the point of us going on a fetch quest with our heroes, when we already know what they gonna find and where they gonna find it? That’s why the movie lacks suspense. So we need to shift the Kylo Ren scenes on Exogol around a little bit. I don’t know how yet, but that’s kind of a biggie for me at least.

  2. Same with the Chewie “death”. So he dies apparently and 2 minutes later we know he is alive. Ok cool. But why then do we need to spend another 20 minutes with our heroes dealing with his death, when we ALREADY know that he is alive? I think that can be fixed rather easily by shifting some of the First Order scenes around.

  3. This goes along with (1). Maybe we can shift the Palpatine reveal with Kylo towards to middle somewhere, so to create a build up towards Palpatine. The crawls needs to be changed (goes without saying) and RIGHT AFTER the crawl we could start with the #FortniteMessage by Palpatine. Or Maybe start with Rey’s training sequence and shortly after incorporate the #FortniteMessage into another scene or create a montage of a few planets while the message is being voiced over. So like the entire Galaxy was listening?

Other changes:

  1. I think we should keep C3PO’s mind-bank whiped. Cut out the scene with R2D2 restoring his mind.

  2. Cut out the entire Chewie Medal scene and Leia handing it to Maz.

  3. Cut out the Lando-Janah bit.

  4. Cut all the scenes with Finn trying to tell Rey the “thing”.

  5. Cut or change the scene where Palpatine shoots the force lightning into the sky. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels strangely silly and OP.

  6. Cut/change the dagger scene in front of the Death Star. Very very silly

  7. Cut the laser shot by the Star Destroyer destroying the planet. I mean, enough with super-duper-weapons!

  8. Not sure how to fix this, but the #HuxSpy subplot is just ugh! I don’t want Hux to be cut out, but man!

  9. Rey Palpatine: This is by far the worst part of the movie for me. I think we all agree it undermines everything set up in TLJ. Therefore, maybe we can find a way to change the dialogue by assembling snippets from other media recorded by the actors like #LegoTheForceAwakens maybe? The scenes that would require changes would be the Kylo-Rey scene on the Star destroyer and 1 or 2 lines during the Palpatine-Rey finale on Exogol.

btw. I’m ok with all the #Reylo stuff and how Kylo Ren dies. Never understood why people hate it so much. Ben sacrifices himself for Rey. A Skywalker sacrificing his bloodline to save the life of a “nobody” (well, in a universe where #ReyPalpatine doesn’t exist). Sacrificing himself for someone who has proven himself righteous and saved the galaxy from doom. There’s nothing more honorable than that! Am I wrong??

Puh! Ok that’s it for now.
This movie has PROBLEMS! I think this project may be the biggest one yet because it has the biggest plot problems of all the Star Wars movies in my opinion. It also seems “rushed” like no other SW film, obviously, since JJ only had about 2 years to do it -__-