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The Usual Sequel Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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20-Jan-2020, 8:28 PM

3 in 1 edit.

Get rid of Rathtars. Han and Chewie immediately take Rey and Finn to Maz.
First Order shows up, Rey captured quickly.
Han moment, minimal effort to blow up the base.
Rey shows up - instead of handing off the light saber, Chewie immediately throws door off - Luke ask where Han is.
Make Luke only doubt himself, not the Jedi.
Give Rey all 3 trainings - show Luke getting back to himself. Imply he’s training her to go back and save them.
No Canto Bight. Finn is Zapped and out of it for part of the middle.
When Rey and Kylo kill Snoke, immediately trigger the transmission from Palpatine.
Kylo leaves Crait to immediately find the way finder. Add an echoing “Come find me” in the back of some Kylo scenes.
Maybe add a Vader Communing part to the Last Jedi portion.
Right after “They’ve got Chewie”, we move to the sinking sands. No Kylo.
No Knights of Ren except the final battle.
3P0 can’t translate, but Babu Frick is able to get the info. No memory wipe.
Cut Zorri if possible.