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Tomas Stacewicz
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4K77 - Released
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20-Jan-2020, 12:04 PM
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20-Jan-2020, 12:36 PM
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Tomas Stacewicz
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boba feta said:

Only just heard about this, any one of the regulars kindly point me to where I can grab this?


Noobissime said:

Hi, i’m verry sorry if it has been said before. But I’m french and new to this forum, so i’m kinda struggling.
Where can I find download links or torrents to projects 4K77, 4K80 and 4K83 ?

I was in the same situation a month ago. There is no 4K80 yet, however there exists a Renegade Grindhouse version of The Empire Strikes back in 1080p which is quite nice. I found a Torrent-link after making a Google search. 4K77 version 1.0 and 4K83 v.1.0 are also quite easy to find as Torrents if you try a Google search. The later 4K77 v.1.4 and 4K83 v.1.1 are hard to find as Torrent files (I didn’t find any) but 4K83 v.1.3 was found after some extensive search.

Also, do you recommend me the version with or without DNR ?

This is of course my subjective opinion, but I found the DNR version of 4K77 to be quite ugly compared to the no-DNR verion, at least on my 77" OLED. The latter look beatiful, especially version 1.0. The DNR has been applied to heavily on 4K77 which renders the picture more like digital video compared to the organic filmic look of the no-DNR version.

When it comes to 4K83 I really enjoyed the version 1.3 which only uses a slight DNR which retain some of the film grain and has a strikinly beautiful color palette. The non-DNR 1.0 and especially 1.1 versions looks nice too because of their more pronounced film grain, especially the latter which has a nicer color timing.

Plese do a search on your own but if you cannot find any links, send me a message and I will direct you to some of them.