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The Usual Sequel Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread - * TROS SPOILERS WITHIN *
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18-Jan-2020, 11:32 PM

RogueLeader said:

Thanks for brainstorming. If you removed any healing at all before Ben resurrects Rey, then I think it would feel out of left field, because nothing before that point would’ve shown Ben had that ability.

Since we see Rey use the power twice, and once on Ben himself, we can assume Ben learned how to do it too, just like Rey learned how to influence minds when Kylo tried to force Rey to show him the map in TFA.

I do think some more set up to elements in TROS would be nice, though. For example, I think it would be interesting if there was more set up to the Dyad concept. Kylo says, “Dyad” in TFA, and you probably can make Snoke say, “Dyad” somehow too, or if you dub him like you suggested. I think the dubbing idea you have could also be useful for the Oracle, if we get that deleted scene, and depending on its dialogue. Too early to say I guess.

Well that’s just the thing, though. If we went with the idea of using subtitles for Snoke, it would play out in the trilogy as an important part of Kylo’s sith journey. The idea of force healing would be referenced a few times in every film, recontextualizing Palp’s quote in RoS to make more sense than just being a reference. If done right, then Kylo using the ability at the end of the film would feel like a payoff, finally showing us the ability and showing him using something he acquired from his evil to do good. The power that has been teased since Anakin early in the saga is finally used in the climacting moment of the series.

Totally just an idea, though! I always love reading your input on this forum. I can’t wait to see what type of deleted material we get to use for this film.