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The Star Wars Saga Conservative Re-editing Ideas Thread
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17-Jan-2020, 7:31 PM
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17-Jan-2020, 7:47 PM
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The Original Trilogy

Episode IV - A New Hope

The titles should be adjusted to both match the others in their speed, but also keeping the Episode IV line.

The Biggs reunion from the SE should stay, as well as the new ship effects.

The original Emperor scene from the original ESB could be moved to the beginning of ANH before the titles, with the SE version staying in ESB.

Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

In my opinion the most overrated SW movie, barring the ST. It is still very good though, so not very much should be cut:

The Luke and Leia kiss scene is terrible. Even before they retconned it to be incestuous, it was in my opinion “very bad.” Some of it is funny though, so perhaps it could just be truncated.

Perhaps the Hoth segment could be rearranged to increase tension.

All of the SE changes were pretty good. Cloud City looks cool now, and I like the blue color of Hoth (though it could be toned down a bit).

Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

Jedi Rocks is cancer, but the froggy dude has a sick solo right before it. I also think that the original Lapti Nek song was pretty bad as well. Maybe just the froggy dude could be kept, or maybe someone could figure out how to edit Lapti Nek and froggy dude together seamlessly.

The Ewok stuff is not bad, barring a couple shots where they tackle stormtroopers.

The stuff with Han being jealous is terrible though, and should be excised.

I am not sure what to do with Victory Celebration. I like both versions a lot. I had an idea for putting Victory Celebration as the cold open for TFA, but I also think it works well as an ending to the Saga.