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Name Something You Unreservedly Love About The Rise Of Skywalker
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13-Jan-2020, 8:36 AM
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28-Jan-2020, 6:46 PM
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Many little things…

Rey’s new saber being the top of her old staff from The Force Awakens.
That Kylo points in the same manner as his dad when he wants someone to be quiet! (Han to C3PO usually!)
Rey referring to Leia as ‘Master’ - and just the fact that Leia was now training Rey.
Chewie’s emotional greieving scene upon finding out Leia had passed, that ‘got’ me.
Luke’s final lesson to Rey on Ach-To - the reminder that confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi (a message that resonates foreveryone in today’s political climate, or where people just accept things they know to be wrong or they don’t agree with).
C3PO’s humor - it was both funny and on the ‘mark’.

Jedit: a few more…

Rey now piloting an X-Wing instead of dreaming of piloting of one whilst wearing the helmet back on Jakku in TFA.
Luke reaching out to lift his X-Wing was just like he did in Empire on Dagobah.
Ben’s shrug - just like his dad.
Kylo’s ‘be quiet’ gesture - again, just like his dad.
Kylo and Han’s conversation.
Ben holding Rey like Han held Leia in ROTJ when she was injured.