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Tomas Stacewicz
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4K83 - Released
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12-Jan-2020, 5:59 AM
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12-Jan-2020, 9:11 AM
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Tomas Stacewicz
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Hello there!

I have recently grabbed the 4K83 2160p with no DNR version 1.0. Really enjoy the watch, its filmic and organic look as compared to the official Blu-ray. As most here, I find the original minimal color correction and faded prints perhaps a bit lackluster But just a bit. It’s still a superior presentation regardless.

However, reading this thread I have come to understood that there exists and even more superior 1.1 version of the same transfer in 2160p which has been color corrected but without any denoising. I have seacherd for it on the internet for the last days, various Torrent sites and NZB:s but cannot find any copy for download, other that the 1080p version.

Would appreciate immensly if someone could direct me to a site for download, either Torrent, Usenet, or better still, on MEGA. You cand send me a message if need be. Thanx in advance!

I really appreciate the cultural heritage preservation work that you have done to the world commonity Team Negative 1. You have set the new standard for this movie, with all the previous frames included. The Force will be with you, always!


JEDIT: Got it! Thank you so much. You know who you are.