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The Ultimate Star Wars Saga
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12-Jan-2020, 3:35 AM
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Here’s a bare-bones timeline for what I’ve rechristened the “Ultimate Star Wars Universe”. It spans the time from the creation of the Jedi to the birth of Leia.

c. 18,000 BBY

  • The Jedi Order is established.

c. 10,000 BBY

  • The Galactic Republic is established.

7000-6900 BBY

  • The Hundred-Year Darkness occurs.

5000 BBY

  • The Great Hyperspace War occurs.
  • The Sith Holocaust occurs.

3996-3986 BBY

  • The Great Sith War occurs.

1064-1048 BBY

  • The Mandalorian Wars occur.

1047-1019 BBY

  • The New Sith Wars occur.

1000 BBY

  • The Ruusan Reformation occurs.

896 BBY

  • Yoda is born.

200 BBY

  • Chewbacca is born on Kashyyyk.

112 BBY

  • C-3PO is activated on Affa.

82 BBY

  • Shmi Warka is born.

80 BBY

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi is born on Stewjon.

68 BBY

  • Obi-Wan begins his Jedi training under Yoda.

60 BBY

  • Obi-Wan is granted the rank of knight.

56 BBY

  • Twenty esteemed Jedi at odds with the Jedi Council leave/are expelled from the order. Among this “Lost Twenty” are Shmi, Jard Dohku, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Yoda.

55 BBY

  • Shmi marries Kane Skywalker.
  • Anakin Skywalker is born on Tatooine.

54 BBY

  • Amidala Naberrie is born on Alderaan.

43 BBY

  • The Clone Wars begin.

40 BBY

  • The events of Episode I transpire.

35 BBY

  • The events of Episode II transpire.
  • The Clone Wars end.

29 BBY

  • Han Solo is born on Corellia.

22 BBY

  • The events of Episode III transpire.

22-19 BBY

  • The Great Jedi Purge occurs.
  • Adopting the alias “Owen Lars”, Obi-Wan goes into seclusion on Tatooine.

19 BBY

  • The Jedi Rebellion occurs.
  • The Jedi Order is restructured into the Inquisitorius.

18 BBY

  • Luke & Nellith Skywalker are born.

16 BBY

  • Leia Organa is born on Alderaan.